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New Demo Reel!

I’m not really a blogger, but I feel like a new demo reel is blog-worthy. Check out my most recent work!

Demo Reel

I just posted a demo reel, which incorporates clips from various projects I’ve worked on.

Here are some suggestions I looked at as I was creating it.

Learning Technology

Learning something new is not always easy. Fortunately, if you want to learn about photography, video or design there are plenty of resources available. Here are three tips I would offer for anyone to learn more in these areas:

1. The Internet. There are so many people that have posted their skills online, and even made step-by-step tutorials. Learning online can be easy. Here are a couple site you might find useful: – Software tutorials for the Adobe Creative Suite programs, as well as other popular editing softwares.
w3schools – This site is great for tips in web design and programming.
Also, its a good idea to look for experts on video channels like YouTube who have posted their own tutorials in a specific area.

2. Action. In order to improve your skills in a specific area it takes discipline. Someone who has never played the piano might think it hard, while someone the same age might think it’s easy. Why? The difference is practice and time. Consistent effort plus time is a sure formula for improvement. So whatever you would like to learn, go out and learn it! You can do it. It will take some time, but those who are willing to pay the price will see the results.

3. The Pros. Find the pros in the area you want to improve. If photography is your thing, look for someone who shoots like you would like to shoot. Seek advice and tips. Take classes or lessons from people you can see have the talents you would like to have. By seeking the pros and following them, you will soon learn to create content like theirs.

Local Entrepreneurs

Here is an article posted in the news recognizing the courageous efforts of small business owners in Utah. Bruce Lindsay said “Entrepreneurs are visionary, they are generous and they are inspired.” Check it out on KSL News.